Vapeflam reserves the right to suspend the order and the Customer Account in case the buyer does not justify his commercial activity.

These general conditions of sale govern the contractual relationship between the customer (hereinafter referred to as “the buyer”) of the website (hereinafter referred to as “supplier”).
The order of the products of the website by the buyer is worth acceptance of the terms and conditions described below.
The Provider reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without notice and in its sole discretion. The content of the terms and conditions governs all contracts concluded between the buyers and the provider relating to the website. Any contract is subject to the version of the general conditions in force at the time of conclusion of the contract.

When the buyer places an order with the supplier, he agrees to receive correspondence from the supplier by mail or email concerning the different statuses of his order. Similarly, if the buyer uses the “contact” page to communicate electronically with the supplier, the buyer also agrees to receive communications by written or electronic mail from the supplier.

All content on the website is protected by copyright law. Individual pages or sections may be downloaded and printed provided that no copyright or other legally protected mark is removed. In all cases, all rights remain the exclusive property of the supplier and / or its partners. Any complete or partial reproduction of the website, its transfer by electronic or conventional means, its modification, referencing by link or its use for public or commercial purposes are prohibited without the prior written consent of the provider.

The products purchased on the website are manufactured in accordance with the shipping contract. The risk of loss and damage is transferred to the buyer upon delivery.

Under no circumstances, including but not limited to negligence, the supplier shall not be held liable to the buyer for indirect, incidental, consequential, special, punitive or exemplary even if the buyer has notified the supplier of the possibility of damages resulting from the use or inability to use the products purchased on the website, including but not limited to any loss of revenue or anticipated profits or activity. The supplier, in the process of selling online is held only by an obligation of means of distribution of products; under no circumstances can it be held liable for any damage resulting from the use of these products, the same applies to the use of internet networks such as data loss, viruses, service interruption, or other involuntary problems.

The site may include links to other websites or other internet sources. The supplier can not be held responsible for the provision of these sites or these external sources and can not bear any responsibility for the contents, advertisements, products, services or any other material available on or from these sites or sources. external. The exemption described below does not include theft or gross negligence of the supplier.

The selling prices of the products online on the website are only retail prices, indicated in euros, are those in effect at the time of registration of the purchase order by the buyer. They do not include the shipping costs, invoiced in addition to the price of the products purchased according to the amount of the order or the geographical area. The selling prices of the products can be modified by the supplier at any time. This change will be reported to the buyer prior to any order. In any case, the prices in force at the time of the order will be the only ones applicable.

The provider will attempt to provide users of the website with a description of the most accurate and contractual products and other content.

The information given by the buyer, when placing an order, commit him: in case of error in the wording of the buyer’s details, the supplier can not be held responsible for the impossibility in which he could find yourself delivering the product. Product offers are variable within the limits of available stocks. A product that becomes unavailable is automatically removed from the online product catalog. In case of stock shortage, the supplier will contact the buyer for refund, but in this case, the buyer is not entitled to any compensation.

Regarding the sale to professionals, whether online through the site, by order form, or by email and even by phone, our general conditions of sale apply, as well as the following clauses:
A – All orders lead to the signing of the sales contract and the acceptance of the general conditions of sale.
B – No withdrawal period for a contract concluded between professionals, in accordance with the provisions of Article L 121-22 of the Consumer Code, in the case of a contract concluded by a professional for the purposes of his activity, the right of withdrawal is not applicable.
C – In case of deposit payment, the deposit corresponds to the first payment to be made on the purchase and implies a firm commitment from each party. After the payment, there is no longer any possibility of credit. If no amicable agreement is found, there is no possibility of canceling the contract. The consumer must pay the full price of the property or the service, if he does not he may be ordered to pay damages. Any cancellation by the customer of an order, whatever the cause, entails for this one the loss of the deposit, as a fixed allowance.
D – The delivery time for professionals is always provided as an estimate, it can reach 8 working days.
E – In case of cancellation of the order with the express agreement of the company Vapeflam, we will send you a credit.
CAUTION: The supplier can not be held responsible for any errors in entering the delivery address and the resulting consequences such as a delay and / or a delivery error. In this context, all costs incurred for the return of the order will be entirely the responsibility of the customer.

The buyer is required to check in the presence of the deliveryman the condition of the package and the number of packages delivered. In case of doubt, the buyer is obliged to refuse the package and report these incidents to the supplier. Claims for the delivered product must be made no later than seven days after delivery of the product.

The buyer can invoke all rights that are provided in the law of 1 September 2004 on the protection of consumers for the sale of consumer products. In case of lack of conformity, the buyer must inform the supplier within two months. Here are the details of the conditions of withdrawal and return of products: – The products are taken back and exchanged only after verification and validation of our partners (about 1 week delay).

Whenever possible the provider protects all personal data of users of the website (if after named “user”) against loss, falsification, manipulation and any unlawful use by third parties. Extent of data processing the user can browse the online catalog and search for products without providing personal data. When placing an order, he must provide the supplier with the information required by the order form to enable it to be processed. Only fields marked with an asterisk are required. If the user uses the contact form to communicate with the provider, he must enter at least the personal data marked with an asterisk. In any case, the form allows him to see the extent of the collected data, personal data. – The provider uses personal data and payment details only in order to process the sale as well as to announce promotions or offers likely to interest the user. In application of the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access
, – For any request, thank you to send us a written request for correction to the following address:
Vapeflam 19 rue Galilee, 17440 Aytré.
– We also commit you not to disclose the personal information submitted to us on our site.
– The consent of the use is not necessary for the treatment of this personal data. If the user does not wish to be contacted later, a simple message through the form “CONTACT” site is sufficient to prevent any future unwanted communication. The placing of an order with our online platform implies acceptance of the terms of this data protection notice and authorizes the provider to process the personal data as described above.
– The provider reserves the right to modify this data protection declaration at any time.
– It informs of possible modifications by an adapted means before their entry into force.
– The website uses the use of cookies. The cookie is a computer file, stored on the hard disk of the user’s
The purpose of the cookie is to signal a previous visit by the user, the user retains the possibility of personalizing the service delivered to him by the provider via the website.

The supplier shall not be liable for the total or partial non-fulfillment of his obligations under this contract, if this non-performance is caused by an event constituting force majeure, including the presence of computer viruses, in case of floods, d ‘fire. In the event of an event constituting force majeure, the supplier will notify the user / buyer within five business days of the occurrence of this event. Beyond a period of one month of interruption due to force majeure, the supplier may not honor the order, for him to refund the buyer if necessary.

If one or more stipulations, these conditions are held invalid or declared as such pursuant to a law, regulation or following a final decision of a competent court, the other stipulations will keep all their strength and their reach.

These conditions and the order summary sent to the buyer form a set of contractual and constitute the entire contractual relationship between the buyer and the supplier.
In the event of contradictions between these documents, the present conditions will prevail.

French law is applicable to this contract and to all the relations that may result from it. Any litigation that arises and relates, directly or indirectly, to this contract and / or the aforementioned relations will be brought exclusively before the courts of the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal of Poitiers.

In accordance with the law “Informatique et Libertés” of January 6, 1978 amended in 2004,
You have the right to access and rectify information concerning you that you can exercise by sending us a letter to the company Vapeflam, the form “CONTACT” site or email
You may also, for legitimate reasons, object to the processing of your personal data.

All products marketed by the company Vapeflam are intended for the reproduction of smoke inhalation. The product used to reproduce the evaporation is based on Propylene Glycol.
As no scientific study has been done on the side effects that may be related to the absorption of this substance, the Purchaser acknowledges the use and / or resale of the products sold by Vapeflam on its full and entire responsibility, Vapeflam can not be held responsible for any health or health problems of any of the Purchaser’s customers.
In addition, the Purchaser acknowledges that the regulations applicable to products sold by Vapeflam may vary considerably from one country to another. The Purchaser is therefore informed that the Seller only guarantees the conformity of the products with the regulations applicable to their delivery, sale and purchase on the day of the order.

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