Composition of an Eliquid


No steam without e-liquid. This viscous and sometimes amber solution contains many gustatory secrets but the main ingredients of which it is composed remain very accessible. In our guide on the operation of an electronic cigarette we go around the e-liquid today, looking closely at its composition. The basic ingredients that are usually found in an e-liquid are as follows (in order of importance depending on their quantity):


o Propylene glycol

 o Vegetable glycerin

o Flavors and flavor enhancers

o Water

o Alcohol


 Propylene glycol


This ingredient is the key to the e-liquid as it has been used for years in refills for electronic cigarettes but its presence in our consumer products is much more common than you imagine. Propylene glycol (PG) has been widely used for a very long time, as a humidifier in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food products (E1520). We breathe it, eat it and brush it.

o In e-liquids for electronic cigarette propylene glycol tends to reinforce the aromas and flavors the throat hit. It is more fluid than vegetable glycerin and has a slight sweet taste.

 o According to current scientific knowledge, its toxicity by the oral route or by ingestion does not pose any major health risks.

 o Although the toxicological profile of propylene glycol appears to be suitable for inhalation (2), the scientific literature is not very well documented to justify its long-term effects.


 Vegetable glycerine


 Also used in food (E422), cosmetics or pharmaceuticals, vegetable glycerin (VG) does not present any danger to the body by the digestive or cutaneous route. Also known as glycerol, this ingredient in e-liquid comes from the transformation of vegetable oils.


 o Vegetable glycerine promotes steam production

 o However, it tends to reduce the perception of aromas in the mouth

 o It is generally present at less than 50% in e-liquids, even if its presence tends to increase (some e-liquids can even be 100% vegetable glycerin, also called Full VG).

 o Inhalation of vegetable glycerine does not seem to pose major health problems (3, 4).


 The flavors


 The flavors used in e-liquids for electronic cigarettes are generally food grade and can be produced all over the world, especially in France. Companies that provide flavorings for the food or cosmetics industry, are also doing it today for the vape industry.

 The question of aromas in steam has been asked many times and science is more and more interested in it. There may indeed be, under the effect of heat, complex physical and chemical reactions related to aromas. For example, the production of aldehydes, such as benzaldehyde in certain cherry flavors, was put on the front page of the media in 2016.
Same case for diacetyl which brings a buttered taste to e-liquid recipes. While there is emerging scientific concern about the flavors contained in e-liquids, nothing has at this time put into question the important risk-reducing power that e-cigarettes offer to smoked tobacco. The e-liquid sector is becoming more and more professional.


 Make the right choice of your Eliquide:


 We advise you to select known brands of e-liquids with the most transparent manufacturing processes. Finally, choose the manufacturers who have strong internal skills.


A little history


 If a neutral e-liquid without aromas, has a very slight flavor, the popularity of the electronic cigarette among smokers is largely based on the pleasure it gives to the palate. So, from the beginning, the e-cigarette was marketed with flavored e-liquids. The most common ones have developed tobacco and menthol flavors to mimic tobacco cigarettes.




 This is the ingredient that is the subject of all questions. Misbehaved with the misdeeds of tobacco, nicotine is at the center of the mechanisms of smoked tobacco addiction. But at doses administered by the smoker or vapoteur, nicotine does not present major health risks, in contrast to highly toxic compounds from tobacco combustion.


 Should we be wary of some e-liquids?

As in all industries there are less scrupulous professionals than others. But we are lucky  to have more and more professionals who have been practicing their profession for many years and who initiated the first standards in the world for the manufacture of e-liquids.


 The controversy of diacetyl


Attributed to the disease of popcorn workers, diacetyl is a compound used in the food industry to bring a very appreciated buttered taste to foods. Its high concentration in the breathing air can however pose in the long term serious risks for the health. In the world of e-liquid, this ingredient can be used for the same taste, but some manufacturers have sometimes abused its use and high doses have been found in several e-liquids.Today,almost all eliquid are diacetyl Free.

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